Hello all!

My name is Amanda and I am a Portrait photographer here in beautiful Napa. I specialize in family and newborns, but enjoy doing weddings, couples and maternity as well.

My style is not just to take good pictures, but to tell a story with them. To show off my clients best self, their interaction with their loved ones and that beautiful natural smile.

A few things I enjoy are playing sports, spending time with my family and enjoying the outdoors.


A little bit about my story:

I majored in psychology, but found my passion for photographer when my son was born in 2013.

Have you ever been doing something and can't seem to figure it out, then something happens and you just have that Ah-ha moment? That's kind like what happened to me. I had been sole searching for years trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, stressing out that I am only getting older and just so lost. Then I had that Ah-ha moment the day after my son was born.

This woman came into our room and asked to take newborn pictures of my son. I knew nothing about photography, but started asking her questions about how she got into it and why she liked it. Secretly I was jealous that she was so young and knew exactly what she wanted to do.  The more we talked the more I became interested in the subject as well. It just seemed like a really fun and rewarding job. The whole year after this conversation, I was so intrigued I started studying photography and within 6 months decided to go for it and buy my first camera.

My like for photography, soon became a love, which eventually turned into a passion and obsession even. I constantly wanted to keep learning and better my craft. To this day, photography is a true passion. My favorite thing about it is the art of being able to tell a story without saying a word. It's bringing out the beauty in someone they may not have known they had and being able to give them something they can cherish forever. I truly love what I do and couldn't be more blessed with my career.